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About Us

Hi, There!

I'm Alex and Everything Food Co was founded in the depths of Melbourne lockdown 2020.

Food and flavour is forever on my mind. Always searching for the next thing to taste and try, I fell in love with this seasoning and wanted to perfect my own blend. After many tests and trials.. we'd done it. We ate bagels topped with cream cheese and our very own #EverythingSeasoning for 2 weeks straight until my husband and I realised it was probably time to give it at least a one day break. We loved how versatile the flavour was and the possibilities were only limited by your imagination.

Everything Food Co is all about making flavour quick and easy! Simple additions that take your meal to the next level. Amping up flavour, we're all about making your meals anything but bland. With our signature #EverythingSeasoning now live... we have some big things to come soon. Each batch is thoughtfully hand made in Melbourne, so you're supporting our small business with your purchase.

My friends get sick of me saying "Life's too short to eat shit food" and it's something I truly live by. Food is an exciting adventure to be shared with friends, family or uplift your day. Bad food can ruin your day, your evening or your mood.

I hope you enjoy our flavour packed seasonings!

You can follow my foodie life on instagram where I share recipes, restaurants and things I am loving.